Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Year Dreams

Christmas Eve. I'm watching my wife and girls make sugar cookies, I'm stuffed by a wonderful pizza lunch; yet my mind wanders.  I can hardly stay in the moment.  It is a beautiful moment, mind you, but I'm already in AK.  I blame it on the Gov.  He has since gone underground; but he started it with forwarded emails from our bush pilot... writing about the fly-out schedule for next year.  Cuss him. We've already booked the tickets.. it's on the calendar, yet the anticipation is building early.  I've got to stop this. Anticipation is usually greater than the actual event; not counting this years expedition.  "The greatest ever", though I've heard  Gov utter that sentence before. Tonight my dreams will be filled with sugar plums and steelhead, hoping that the fat man will bring me some great piece of gear for the upcoming expedition. I know he will.. I bought it for him. 


Govna said...

Nice revamp Pablo!. Little too soon to cast thoughts to the unnamed river of shangrila...let's get a spring climb in the board to tide ya over.

Pablo said...

Ha! This coming from you? Get that dirtbag weekend on the books, them we'll talk.