Saturday, June 24, 2017

T-minus 24 days- get with the program!

I know, I know, it's like the 10th trip, should be simple to prep, but with scout high adventure and a wedding I've been distracted.  So here's a 14 day prep list.  Please add to it.

Sunday  June 25:
Inspect fishing gear:
 Fly lines (evaluate sink tip for 6 wt, long cast for 5wt, sink tip for 8 wt)
 Reels lubed, lines cleaned and wound
 Make sure have enough Flourocarbon leader material (15-20 lb)
 Load dollies in the Sushi Roll and mice in a box
Inspect waders
Change boot soles to studds
Get the camera from Noelle and make sure batteries are working, buy new if needed.
Make secret IK upgrade
Review Gear list and update (read journal, last 2 years packing list)
     - Paracord for anchor

Monday June 26th:
Order flies (7 small dollies, 2 waking wounded, 1 other mouse)
buy NRS Straps (3x18" for rod caddie, 4x24" for stowing)
Find a heavy duty mesh bag for anchor rocks
demo the walkies

Tuesday June 27th:
Pre stage
   Stack gear and clothes on staging table
   Make final clothes decisions
   Review toiletries and meds, refresh as needed
   Update list

Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday June 28-30th
Final Stage
Prepack, make sure everything fits
unpack and let it sit there for a week
Buy license ( print and stow)

Monday July 3rd
Morgan and Cole come in

Tuesday July 4th
Golf carts and flags at Lake Lure (repeat every 15 minutes "I'll be on Nayorrunrun in 2 weeks)

Wednesday July 5th

Thursday July 6th
Morgan to Columbia Temple  (try not to cry)

Friday July 7th
To the lake house
Christian and friends come in

Saturday July 8th
Lake Lure (loved the 4th rednecks so much WE'RE BACK)

Sunday July 9th
Church in ForestCity

Monday, Tuesday July 10- 11th

Wednesday July 12th
Drive to DC

Thursday July 13th
Sealing in DC and drive home

Friday July 14th
Work in the AM
Prep for reception in the PM

Saturday July 15th
Finish reception prep in the AM
PM  reception (daddy dance goes viral on youtube- cause I'm a bad man)

Sunday July 16th
Final gear review and

Monday July 17th
BOC Meeting that night

Tuesday July 18th
AM Work
Kiss the missus goodbye
Leave for SLC at 8pm
sleep with honda and marcee

Wednesday July 19th- 
6:28 Leave SLC to Portland
Portland to ANC
Arrive in Dilly on 3pm AA Jet, Hop a 150 or 205 to the pond!!!

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