Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Midnight Sun

Don't ask a man to tell you about his recent river escapades when he has just touched down at 7 am MST from a 5 hour red-eye flight from Alaska.   You may not get the truth.  

What is it about the Naknek that draws one back?  This trip was undertaken with some reservation.  Intel from Mikey was that the fishing was "sub par", but this was primarily a graduation trip for my son.  It may have ruined him.  It may have ruined me. Sum total?  Not many fish. Mostly all under 14".  Isn't this the famed NAKNEK??  The Alaskan jewel, one of the best Rainbow fisheries in the Last Frontier? Not this time, nor ever again for me.  We did land 4 fish over 16", and one about 27". (footage will be posted on Vimeo soon, or if you're an "insider", then in the "box")  A couple of consolation prizes to mention.  Great company was enjoyed, some wonderful pizza, learned way to much about golf, and we did NOT sleep on Easy Ed's floor.  We actually had beds and hot showers along with Satellite TV, all was not lost. 

I do not wish to wish-away any trip, especially to AK, it was what is was.  I hope my son tasted a little of the AK adventure, but for me it was not the remote wilderness experience that I travel great lengths to enjoy.  Goodbye mighty Naknek.... Goodbye.


Tony Alcozer said...

One of our first floats was at a small river not far from Anchorage. We had a great time and really got into the silvers at the bottom end of the river. We did that same float a few years later. I took my youngest son AJ..his first AK adventure. Boy was the fishing much different this time..smaller rainbows and the hot silver hole was empty of water..floods 3 years earlier changed the river course. The trip ended up being nothing like I had planned or hoped. One good thing came out of it. MY son AJ was hooked on AK adventures! I hope you find good from your trip too! Tony

Pablo said...

Tony, thanks for the comments. That's awesome your son got hooked, I know it had a profound affect on Gov's son, and possibly on mine as well. would love to have done a float with him though.. next time..